Author JJ Carter writes edgy Espionage, Paranormal-Supernatural and Sci/Fi - Fantasy stories. These stories are not for the faint of heart. They depict real life consequences. Have an idea or just want to chat about my books, drop me a line at

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Working on draft 9 of Burned for my Samantha Harris Espionage thriller book I! It was awesome getting helpful feedback on her story to help improve my writing! As an author, it's always great to improve!


Burned logline

A top witty spy discovers that a deadly arms dealer is working on a new technology that has the potential to not only destroy the digital world but may cause an irreparable divide as well.


Burned book blurb:

Where do you turn when you’re suddenly left out in the cold?


Samantha Harris used to be a spy. Until she’s burned on her current op infiltrating one of the world’s most deadliest arms dealers, Johnny Tapperen, who is rumored to be working on a new stealth technology.


If Johnny finishes, which if left unchecked, has the potential to not only destroy the digital world but cause a divide so deadly, the world as we know it could be on the brink of total chaos.


Regardless of the outcome, someone put a contract on her life, alive or dead.


Can an unlikely FFA (Federal Force agency) Agent, a Detective, and a Deep Web contact help her survive and find the answers she’s seeking? Sam must uncover these answers before life as we know it changes to where there’s no way back.

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The Latest from JJ Carter

Reckoning Day


Investigative Reporter, Jennifer Long, stumbles onto a high-level corruption scheme among three local corporations. They are attempting to find a gateway portal between our world and the supernatural-paranormal, and killing Mediums in the process who don’t comply. While she is left for dead and unsure if her family is alive, she seeks the help of a new team, the SPA (supernatural paranormal agency), to expose this deadly truth before it’s too late and the world is run over by supernatural-paranormal forces that could be uncontrollable. 

Jennifer Long Series

Renegade Love

Renegade Love cover new update.jpg

When famed L.A. Detective, Charlotte Rinning, is called to her next case, it’s anything but normal. With her and her ex’s prints at the scene, an explosion, and the same old bad guys still after her, she does something drastic… and resigns.

Now in her new early retirement, she attempts to live the normal domestic life. Being thrown into sudden stardom by a madman who kidnapped her at the bar, while camping with her husband, Charlotte does whatever she can to escape. When her plan works, she arrives home to some disturbing news. Now the most wanted woman in the USA, Charlotte has to make a new plan to clear her name, before losing everything, even her life.

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